Honda Genuine Battery

Honda batteries are sometimes overlooked when it comes to repairing or maintaining your car with genuine OEM parts. So why is it important to have the right battery, and how much is a replacement for your Honda battery?

In short, Honda batteries electrical power to your vehicle’s starter and fuel system. They also supply electricity when the engine is off to power onboard electronics, such as the door locks, entry lighting, clock, and security system. While the engine is running during San Diego drives, Honda batteries also cushion sensitive onboard electronics from spikes in current or voltage.

Why service your vehicle at a Honda Dealership?

Warranty Coverage

Honda batteries purchased from a Honda dealer like Honda of Escondido near Carlsbad are covered under warranty for 100 months. For the first 36 months, our service technicians will replace a defective battery at no cost for the battery, labor, or installation, which means a replacement Honda Civic battery price at this point is $0. For the remaining 64 months of the Honda battery warranty, you will receive a credit toward the purchase of a new battery according to its age and current retail price. Our parts specials will also help to offset the Honda Civic battery price, or the cost of Honda batteries for any other Honda model.

Value and Trust

At Honda of Escondido, our goal is to provide the reliability, dependability, and value that Vista-area drivers like you equate with the Honda brand. Our Parts Center can set you up with the Honda battery replacement that you need, while our service technicians will quickly and efficiently install the battery to get you back on the San Marcos roads in no time.

Honda Batteries from Honda Professionals

Customer service, technical training, and efficient processes are the cornerstones of the service we provide at Honda of Escondido. Our commitment to providing you with quality Honda batteries at competitive prices is also of utmost importance at Honda of Escondido.  Have questions about your battery? Need to know the Honda Civic battery price for your specific model year? Reach out! We’re happy to answer any questions about Honda batteries that you might have.

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